The Power of Owning Feelings

I am trying to own my feelings.

My feelings come from me; thus, the wording of “my feelings.” I find myself, sometimes, getting caught in blaming others for my feelings. While they leave their seed of feeling in my root of growth, I find my plant of self not growing and with that lack of growth, and blame them.

“You made me feel...”

 “When you did ABC, I felt XYZ.”

I am leaning towards the idea of when THAT PERSON did ABC, I felt XYZ. By leaning towards the detached pronoun, or even more specifically, the name, I am still acknowledging how I am feeling about a person and/or a situation.

I am empowered by owning my feelings. I am further empowered by scaffolding the true source of my feelings. The current incident, the present experience, the now of what I am feeling, are just catalysts for what I am presented to face within my soul.

We must be emotionally empowered, so that we can control our situations, instead of releasing our power by blaming someone else for how we feel. 

Being emotionally empowered allows me to see the reality of my situation. By blaming someone else, I am subconsciously expecting that person to change, when the change is not going to happe. I am in control, but the control is a scary concept because then, I am faced with the idea of changing my situation. To change my situation would take a courage that I may or may not have. 

Mercy Tullis-Bukhari