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Smoke by Mercy Tullis-Bukhari



"Mercy Tullis-Bukhari's SMOKE is a beautifully carved testament to the power and beauty of the written word. Her poems are poetically weaved and life-filled. SMOKE is a marriage of craft and passion. Her phrasing is eloquent and her voice authentic. Mercy shares her heart-warming as well as painful experiences. It is these shared experiences that resonate with her readers. Her voice is welcomed and appreciated. SMOKE is a wonderfully written book."
Lorraine Currelley, Founder and Executive Director
Poets Network & Exchange

"The poetry of Mercy Tullis screams with raw power. She can be, at different times, critical, loving, contemplative, aggressive or cajoling. She pays tribute to Celia Cruz and Billie Holiday, in addition to speaking on behalf of so many women of color whose voices need to be heard. Reading her words is an experience that will resonate with readers as this new voice creates a special place for herself in the lexicon of contemporary poetic expression."
C.D. Grant, Poet and Author of the novel JAMIE'S PLACE.

"Mercy's poems are steeped in passion, love and the mystery of being in the world. They are wedded to content, craft, visions, dreams steeped in both the personal and universal. Her work is what we find in our true heart. It is poetry that dares to tell us what we remember and we have chosen to forget."
Gary Johnston, Poet, author of TEARS OF ANSWERED PRAYER


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